Hartmut Lohmann


Martin Wertsch

Oliver Stöger


Welcome to the world of chi!

We live in a world, where everyone and everything is connected.The energy of life is it’s network of this connection. This energy fills the whole universe. It is way more than just life energy. It is consciousness in it’s energetic form, the forming force of nature and information of it’s existence. Visible for some, invisible for others, it acts and turns in everyone and everything. The energetic perception of the world is new for the most of the people. Non-linear entanglements impedes locating the causes of discomforts or diseases accessorily.
The insights, that Hartmut Lohmann, Martin Wertsch and Oliver Stöger have, can help to free blockages in body and soul and heal diseases.The intention of their work is not to replace the therapeutic prospects of medicine, but extend them. Numerous people have already been helped with their methods.

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