What is life-energy ?

Chi, Qi or Prana, or simply the life-energy is an energy that is known to us for at least 7000 years. This energy flows in the whole universe. It is way more than just life energy. It is consciousness in it’s energetic form, the forming force of nature and information of existence. Visible for some, invisible for others, it acts and turns in everyone and everything. A serious interference in these circuits weakens vitality and leads to illness and in extreme cases even death. It is supposed to circulate blandly and harmoniously in us. In case the flow is too fast or to slow, certain organs contain too much or too less Chi, marks the beginning of psychological or physical diseases. To free those blockages is the goal of energetic healing.


The system of energy

Blood and Chi are closely related to each other. A clear sign therefore is their common presence or absence in extremities. Where you find a lot of blood, you find a lot of Chi. Cold hands and feet connote little energy.A warm handshake is only possible for us, when we feel warm emotionally.Our blood circulates in a network of arteries and Chi circulates in a network of Chi-arteries, called the Meridians. The circulation of both keeps us alive, one substantial, the other subtle. Both clear and repair our organism, support the defence against damaging influences and build up new canals, in which they flow, in case the old ones are blocked.
In this last ability, the Chi outplays the blood, since it can take new ways within seconds, flow backwards, change it’s frequency and jump over barriers. Chi is our mental blood, it can over-boil, stumble and close wounds.

Uncomfortable experiences, whose impulses we cannot handle , are oust in those situations. The spirit, therefore, strains the body, and the body blocks our spirit’s flow, the Chi. In case we don’t free those blockages, diseases can occur. Traumas from our childhood affect us all our life, if we do not dissolve the emotional conflict.

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Feel it yourself!


Sit down and feel your breath. Imagine a ball between your hands, and you seek to feel its form. The energy flows out of your hands and forms a ball. The more relaxed you are, the easier it gets to feel the flow between your hand. It is like a magnetic field between your hands. Try to let the ball grow or shrink, move it forth and back… That is your Energy!

The Heart-Chakra

visualise a white rose as detailed as possible. Immerse the rose with the blossom ahead in your ribcage’s center.. Now imagine the blossom is growing until it fills your whole thorax.
What do you feel now?

The rose opened your Heart-Chakra, the first step.


The aura

Haus bei Nacht H 2_kleinThere are certain kinds of energy that can only be deficiently gaged by our measuring instruments, but are sensible for us ensouled beings. No Computer or article accelerator in this universe can explain what love is- we have to experience it. The same applies to the realm of energy. All senses of our physical body we have in our psychological body as well. The aura glows out of our body in coloured palls and clouds. It’s colours and forms provide information on the emotionale state, health and someone’s thoughts. Each organ has an equivalent on the subtle plane, without this the organism would not be viable. People are like an interactive hologram on this plane of reality. The movements, colours and forms of the aura are patterns of our physical, emotional and mental activity. In such way are thought, emotions and the physical constitution visible.

Pictures can only give an inadequate idea of cognition.


Your Buddha

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