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What is life force?

Humans have been aware of Chi, Prana, Orgone, or simply life force, for over 7000 years. This energy does far more than just support life. It’s the energy of our cosmic being and thus consciousness in its energy form.

Prior to making a pot, a potter needs to form an image of the pot in his mind. Similarly, our consciousness initially forms ideas with energy, then with feelings and thoughts. Chi is the formative power of your consciousness and everything you suffer from. It enables you to change within yourself.

Visible to each individual but invisible to others, Chi affects everything and everyone. A severe disruption in your energies can weaken your vitality and lead to illness and death. Chi needs to flow softly, colourfully and harmoniously within you. Not too slowly or quickly. If certain organs store too much or too little Chi, this may lead to either physical or mental illness. Our healers aim to release these blockages.

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The Energy System

Blood and Chi are closely related to one another. The clearest indicator thereof is their joint presence or absence in the extremities. Where there is a lot of blood, an abundance of Chi can also be found. Our blood flows in a network of blood vessels just as our Chi flows in a network of Chi vessels, the meridians. Both networks keep us alive, one in a material and the other in an ethereal manner. Both supply, cleanse and repair our organism, helping to defend against damaging influences and form new channels to flow through if the old ones are blocked. Chi is our spiritual blood. It can boil over, thicken, be stirred and close wounds.

Uncomfortable experiences with (typically aggressive) impulses that we struggle to handle produce, amongst other things, tears and lesions in our ethereal body. Experiences of grief can truly make us sick.

In this regard, self-esteem is the turning point and core element of Hartmut Lohmann’s Chi healing. Releasing your self-esteem from previous emotional wounds is a critical healing step. In far too many cases, self-esteem is limited by lingering feelings of inferiority, which consequently produce resulting symptoms and auto aggressions. Childhood trauma can remain with you for your entire life unless we help to solve the emotional conflict.

We would be happy to help you revive your self-esteem and work through your childhood trauma. Get into contact with us!


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