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Welcome to the world of Chi!

We live in a world in which everything is connected to everything, and everyone to everyone. Life force is the network behind this connection. Its energy fills the entire universe and does far more than just support life. It represents consciousness in its energetic form, nature’s formative power and the intelligence of being. Visible to each individual but invisible to others, it affects everything and everyone.

The Healer

Seeing the world through energy is an entirely new experience for many people. Non-linear connections can make it harder to ascertain the cause of discomfort or disease. The insights from our energy healers throughout this process help to release any blockages in the body and mind to heal illnesses.

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Your healing does not want to replace the therapeutic possibilities of medicine, but to expand it. Numerous people have already been helped with their method.

„Your wellbeing has a home!“

Energy work by Hartmut Lohmann

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Impressions from practice

Our practice rooms to feel good. The successful cooperation between the healers and our visitors must take place in a harmonious atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

The visitor must also feel comfortable outside of the actual treatment – this is the starting point with which we have designed and set up our practice.

We warmly welcome you, take a few impressions of our premises with you.


Heilpraxis Bochum UG (limited liability)

Freiligrathstrasse 52
D-44791 Bochum

Büro: Ulla Gurock

Phone: +49 234 41493054

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