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Martin Wertsch

Even as a child, Martin Wertsch exhibited a high level of sensitivity for the ethereal field. After he was personally trained to become a healer by Hartmut Lohmann, he continued to develop his forms of healing work to take a deeper approach to psychological trauma. Martin is a qualified spiritual healer, trauma therapist and seminar instructor. In his debut as an author, he touchingly described his tale of woe, his rocky path out of anxiety that serves as the backbone for his form of trauma therapy: “Your fear is your friend”. His creative solutions can be found on our DVD “Self-resonance”, whereby Martin was responsible for the editing and computed animations. With his refreshing aura and acute sensitivity, Martin Wertsch has become an irreplaceable member of our clinic team. He’s our top dog when it comes to trauma therapy and he provides his own training courses.

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Martin Wertsch
CHI Heilung international UG (haftungbeschränkt)
Freiligrathstraße 52
44791 Bochum
0234 60140260

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