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Hartmut Lohmann

Hartmut Lohmann first became aware of his abilities to heal and see during deep meditations when he was a psychology student. As someone educated in the western world, it took Lohmann years to place his full trust in his gifts. In the years since, his skills have matured to a level where he is able to ascertain the health and energy of another person within mere seconds. He is one of the most successful mediums and spiritual healers in Germany and his Chi healing methods have enjoyed ever-growing success. He has also received a number of accolades as an artist and author: In 2007, he was the writer-in-residence for Otterndorf and in 2008 for Ranis. In 2016, he established his own seminar centre “Your Buddha” in Bochum, located close to his healing clinic. Due to the extremely high demand for appointments and healings with Lohmann, we ask that you first contact the office to discuss your healing path. Hartmut Lohmann has happily lived a simple life without internet and interference fields in the woods since 2018. His distance healing from this green haven in nature will also inspire you. Visit us in our office for a consultation and experience the awakening of the magical energies that slumber within you!

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