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GB – Orange Chi system (Ø: 84 cm)


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days


Orange Chi system
Diameter: 84 cm


Orange Chi system

According to its frequency, the orange energy of the second chakra resembles an etheric flame. It blazes as our “inner heat”, the embers of the body, which are closely related to our immune response. There’s a reason why our body temperature increases to a fever when the immune system increases its defences. Accordingly, we develop a “cold” if our inner heat is too weak. The immune system and inner heat are one in the same for the most part. If we increase this frequency in the body, the body will warm and heal from within. Bones will gain density, joints will soften, and the immune defence system will be fortified. But the Orange ChiSystem can do so much more. The frequency that we have given this system compensates for the body’s own information to a certain extent. As we have recently discovered, the human conscience can have an effect on the information carrier of life: DNA. The Orange ChiSystem helps the body to eliminate harmful genes from DNA and activate good genes. 10 minutes of use on a daily basis is sufficient for this system. Placing the small (34 cm) Vital System under your bed promotes healing during sleep and regeneration of the body.


Chi system

As long as there is only once notion of health, then there is only one notion of illness
That may present itself with a range of different symptoms.
Healing at the source of your being


More than half of us suffer from persistent tiredness, a quarter of us from chronic fatigue. Stress spreads like a virus, overwhelming our feelings.
Creating our own “island of peace”, a few minutes of alone time dedicated to peace and self-reflection, is the best healing method out there. Meditation reaches a new level with the Chi system. Our products make deep healing meditation accessible for everyone, even those with no prior experience. The ChiSystem calibrates the energy system and simulates clarity within your feelings like a tuning fork. Just as the ChiSystem swings, love, joy and health can chime. The song of your soul will once again be pure.

Years of experience and innovations in the field of energy have facilitated the creation of this ground-breaking system. The ChiSystem gives energy a form and consequently enables it to flow stronger.
The ChiSystem releases energy in the body similarly to how an ice cube melts in water, letting this energy flow as nature intended. Body functions are harmonised, cells regenerated and well nourished: the healing process is initiated! The increase in life force is palpable thanks to energy measuring techniques. It feels like diving into a fountain of youth.
Treat yourself, your cells and your ethereal body every day to this great feeling or diving in the freshness of your own soul.


How does it work?

The ChiSystem gives energy a form and consequently enables it to flow stronger. The system doesn’t create or produce life force, but that’s also not necessary. Each being, animal and human already has more than enough energy. The ChiSystem releases this bound energy and lets if flow in natural flows like water.
The design of ChiSystem is similar to a hologram. It provides an energy form and frequency along which energy – always present in the room – is sorted. Its frequency activates the chakras, harmonises the meridians and thus the organ processes and immune system. It lets healing impulses flow through the body in order to make more energy accessible for you in your daily live.

The ChiSystem releases and harmonises energy. It acts like a tuning fork for your ethereal body. A metronome for your bio-rhythm. It enables your ethereal body to heal, cleanse and strengthen without power sources and thus without electrosmog. The holographic model of quantum physics was the inspiration behind the ChiSystem. The quantum field of the ChiSystem activates the chakras and the energy field of cells in people. Just like a tuning fork, it strikes the perfect tone. 5 minutes suffice to feel revitalised and full of energy.

The areas of application vary widely. Healthy people use the ChiSystem as an invigorating preventative step against burnout, depression, mental and physical illnesses. Those who are already sick can heal quicker with the ChiSystem. Children can balance existing disharmonies before or after they physically manifested. Even pets can benefit from the ChiSystem. The high-quality finish makes it perfect for healing and medical clinics, gyms and fitness studios…



Consciously experience. The large ChiSystems should be used in the morning and/or evening for 8-12 minutes each. Simply sit or stand on it, whatever is most comfortable for you. Standing with your legs shoulder width apart can often lead to stronger sensations of the energy flow. The positive effects on your body, mind and soul will increase with each daily use.


Test the chi system without obligation

In order to promote the distribution of our system, we are currently offering the smallest plate at a price that’s below the production price. This ensures everyone can use the system. We also want to attain the highest level of user satisfaction for our product. For this reason, we provide a 2-week trial period for our systems. Why not give it a go without any obligations, test it out and experience the benefits for yourself!


Orange Chi system
Diameter: 84 cm
Effective radius: 230 cm
Price:EUR 2,500

We’re all looking to forward to seeing what we can achieve and induce for the health of each individual and the entire world with this innovative system!

Yours sincerely

Hartmut Lohmann


Patient feedback

“I didn’t think it was possible, but this product really does achieve what it promises…after suffering from chronic pain with restricted breathing for almost 5 years and undergoing numerous costly treatments throughout that period, this system is the first and only method that has made a permanent difference…”
Nadine R.

“My entire family uses the Vital System to stay fit. After each short “healing”, we feel as revitalised as after a deep sleep and extremely relaxed. It’s astonishing how quickly you enter a state of complete calm. We can only recommend this system, it’s great!”
Torben und Lena B.

Legal Notice
This innovative technology has not received full approval from the scientific community. We are therefore obligated to draw your attention to the fact that our products do not produce any healing effects according to current scientific findings. Furthermore, the ChiSystem is not a conventional healing product, and we are not able to guarantee healing. The use of the ChiSystems does not constitute treatment in the medical sense, nor does it replace seeking consultation from your doctor.


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